Too many influencers think of themselves as fun individuals just doing their ~*thing and ignore the fact that they are entrepreneurs. And when that happens, the scandals inevitably emerge. Influencers hire their friends, don’t know a thing about HR or people leadership, and end up with headlines like people allegedly getting raped at YouTuber parties, someone losing an eye at work, or have so many scandals that Vulture writes a timeline of them.

You might create individually. Heck, you might only be 17 (or even younger). But as soon as you start thinking about your team, it’s not enough to…

It’s easy for people living in rural areas to claim that urban issues don’t affect them. But when multiple harrowing events happened throughout 2020 including the murder of George Floyd, the board of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) realized that this wasn’t an urban vs rural problem. Instead, the board — all local beef farmers across Ontario — saw an opportunity to learn about people and communities they don’t often get the chance to know locally. …

Trigger warning: This article includes graphic details of sexual assault

She was finally ready to quit. Her desk was empty, and her confidence was high as she walked into HR to let them know she would no longer be working at the firm.

After years of verbal abuse, assault, and mistreatment, Violetta Malfitani* was leaving her job at one of the top law firms in Manchester, England. Given the way her boss treated her while she was an employee, she was ready for the worst — clawbacks, an ugly settlement, and potentially even being taken to court. In the end…

Pranavi Balaji* was excited for her latest opportunity — building a startup from the ground up — but ended up being treated more like a cog in a wheel than a whole person building a company. After years of contributing to her employer’s success and building the company as if it was her own, she left due to the horrible treatment she had to deal with. After the fact, the leadership team removed her from the company’s narrative to the point where there was no trace of her efforts. …

Bloom just hired a Head of Experience! We welcomed Jules Whish to the team in June 2021. But you might be wondering why a workplace design consultancy like Bloom would hire for this role, and what exactly this kind of role would do. With that in mind, I want to explain: Jules is not a consultant with a fancy title. Creating “experience” is a real job here at Bloom for our employees, our clients, and now [this is where the big news comes in] our community.

If you’re sneaker obsessed, you probably already know about SoleSavy. You might even be a member of their community. But regardless of whether you’re a member, you should know the company is hiring. A lot. On top of a great place to work, you’d be making a tangible impact on an industry that’s ripe for disruption.

(PS: Already sold on SoleSavy? Check out available SoleSavy jobs on Bloom’s Job Board)

Get on the rocketship before it takes off

SoleSavy just announced a $12.5 million Series A round less than six months after raising a $2 million Seed round. That means the company has $14.5 …

Jillian Harris is growing one of the most exciting lifestyle brands in Canada. A past Bachelorette turned influencer and entrepreneur, she grew her following on social media into a thriving business with over 10 employees. Now the company is ready to grow its team even further. From a passionate founder to a company that invests in its people, there are a lot of reasons why anyone would want to work for Jillian Harris Design or their new subscription box company, The Jilly Box.

(PS: Already sold on Jillian Harris Design and Jilly Box? …

If you’re trying to hire engineers and having a hard time, you’re unfortunately not alone. The simple reality is hiring engineers in Toronto is a nightmare for hiring managers and founders. Unfortunately, this is due to the perfect storm of four factors hitting the Toronto market all at once. But if you’re in this spot, there are a few things you can do. In this blog, I’ll take you through the four perfect-storm factors and outlining the ways your company can compete in this red-hot talent market.

At Bloom, we like to call what’s happening the perfect storm.

Byline: Agnes Tseng, Sr. People Ops Advisor at Bloom

Asian Heritage Month (back in May) was fraught for me. All I saw in the media were attacks against Asian people from misguided souls. That alone made it darker than usual, but seeing yet another Asian stereotype play out in the media reopened a lifelong question: how do Asian stereotypes play out in, and affect, my life as an Asian woman?

In my role at Bloom, I talk about inclusion with major brands on a regular basis. But as an individual, I struggle to reckon with the stereotypes associated with my identity, in particular, the Asian model minority myth.

My understanding of the Asian model minority myth


While all of Loblaw Companies is dedicated to inclusion, the Loblaw Digital team wanted to take an approach that was unique to their team, their needs, and how they engage in the Toronto tech community. To accomplish that transformation, the leadership team chose to partner with Bloom on a series of Bloom Experience inclusion workshops. Lauren Steinberg, the SVP of Loblaw Digital, explained why she trusted Bloom to be a strategic workplace design partner — and how they are already gearing up for long-term projects.

Wanting space to educate

In mid-2020, the world was rocked by numerous watershed moments in the push for creating…

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