Why Bloom is Pausing our Canada Day Celebrations

Photo by Cam Fattahi on Unsplash
  1. Instead of celebrating Canada Day, celebrate and centre Indigenous voices. To ensure you’re doing this with intention, it may be worth considering:
  2. What decolonization work has your organization engaged in to prepare for this? Do you know how to honour Indigenous stories and experiences with integrity and consent?
  3. Is your organization committed to listening to Indigenous voices all year long? What actions is your organization engaging in to avoid performative allyship?
  4. If your organization is discussing the impact of the residential school system, please provide a link to The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line for IRSS survivors and their families to access support.
  5. Encourage team members to learn more about the land they’re on and to research accurate land acknowledgements for where they live. (Tip: You can level up your land acknowledgment by sharing specific languages and treaties tied to your territory or region.)
  6. If your organization participates in Orange T-Shirt Day, or you choose to wear an orange shirt on July 1st in solidarity with Indigenous folks, be sure buy an orange shirt from an Indigenous business, not a big box store. Support local Indigenous businesses!
  7. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is just around the corner, so prepare in advance. Avoid being reactionary and refer to the TRC Calls to Action for best practices to help ground you in your reconciliation efforts. If you’re looking for some additional support, our article here can serve as a guide.
  8. Lastly: Ask yourself, what decolonization work has your organization engaged in? If the answer is not much, start today.



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