• Tara Robertson

    Tara Robertson

    diversity, equity, inclusion in tech, accessibility advocate, rogue librarian

  • Yvonne Yvette

    Yvonne Yvette

    Recruitment enthusiast living in Toronto.

  • Jamie O'Leary

    Jamie O'Leary

    Irish designer based in Hamilton, Ontario. Typography enthusiast and maker of bad jokes. Senior product designer at Loblaw Digital.

  • Tiffany Farolan

    Tiffany Farolan

  • Anya Kravets

    Anya Kravets

    Healthcare + innovation + marketing. Work @Gene (North America).

  • Alexa wolf

    Alexa wolf

  • Sarah Ahmad

    Sarah Ahmad

  • Heather Bellingham

    Heather Bellingham

    Talent Aquisition & Employee Experience Professional. Experienced growing teams during high-growth. Lead with empathy. Also travel obsessed.

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