Great Benefits, Lots of Fun and a Foundational Focus on Inclusion. Here’s Why You Should Work at Jillian Harris Design

Jillian Harris at Jilly HQ

Jillian Harris is growing one of the most exciting lifestyle brands in Canada. A past Bachelorette turned influencer and entrepreneur, she grew her following on social media into a thriving business with over 10 employees. Now the company is ready to grow its team even further. From a passionate founder to a company that invests in its people, there are a lot of reasons why anyone would want to work for Jillian Harris Design or their new subscription box company, The Jilly Box.

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Note: While some roles at JHD or The Jilly Box can be done remotely some of the time, the cultural hub of both Jillian Harris Design and The Jilly Box will be in the Kelowna, BC office going forward.

Pictured Above: Jilly HQ

The company lives their values

When you join Jillian Harris Design or The Jilly Box, you’re not just joining an influencer’s side-hustle. You’re joining a full company that truly lives its four core values:

  1. Community
  2. Diversity
  3. Always learning
  4. Transparency

Whether creating new products, interacting with customers, building culture in-house, or giving back through philanthropy, the company runs every decision through the lens of values. If it’s not values fit, Jillian herself will either adjust the approach or stop the project, since overall values are more important than any one project.

You’ll have a tangible impact on multiple business lines

You might be thinking that the only business model behind influencers is sponsored content. But with Jillian Harris Design and The Jilly Box, it’s a full suite of products and services:

  • The JH Shop: An eCommerce store where you can purchase prints, presets, collaborations, a cookbook, and favourite brands.
  • The Jilly Academy: An online course community.
  • The Jilly Box: A quarterly subscription box company.

The team is just over 10 people and growing, which means you will work directly on business-critical projects from day one. Depending on your role, you might touch any or all of these business lines, often in direct collaboration with Jillian Harris herself.

The company invests in learning and inclusion

Jillian Harris Design started like many startups do: with a mission-driven founder wanting to create a better life for customers. But now that the business is up and running, Jillian realized that her job as CEO is not just to create great products and work with great brands, but also to invest in her people. That’s why the company actively invests in multiple different initiatives to help all people — including Jillian — learn on a continuous basis.

Here are just a few initiatives you’ll benefit from when you join the company:

  • Coaching: Ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training for leadership and employees.
  • Benefits: Continuous updates to the company’s benefits package to explicitly be more inclusive (for instance: trans-inclusive coverage and coverage for different accessibility tools).
  • Process improvements: Updates to HR processes to ensure an inclusive recruiting and performance evaluation process.

As an employee, you’ll not only benefit from the updates and new initiatives, you’ll also get to join a culture of learning that will help your whole career.

You’ll be joining a tight-knit team

With a team of just over 10 people (jumping to nearly 20), everyone works with everyone. Further, Jillian invested a lot into the company’s Kelowna, BC office headquarters to make it a comfortable space for people to work in — and a space people actually want to commute to.

The team defines itself as “small but mighty,” and leadership works hard to create a fantastic experience for all employees where they feel heard, welcomed, and feel like they get to take part in the entire company culture. Even though the business has different teams, each with a different focus, the whole company connects on a regular basis to create a thriving culture of fun and enjoyment on top of doing great work.

Get on the Jilly train

Jillian Harris built a lifestyle brand based on her image of fun, down-to-earth, creative living. As an entrepreneur, she brings that energy to the entire business and built a values-driven organization that truly wants to make life wonderful for customers and employees alike. You may have heard a lot of bad things about working with influencers — many of them very true — but Jillian is working to break that mould by building a thriving company with the process, benefits, and a deep sense of caring for people.

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