I Just Found Out an Employee has an OnlyFans. Now What?

Art by @karyssaleigh via Instagram

Dear Bloom,

I’m an HR manager at a small startup. I’m friends with a lot of my fellow employees and we all follow each other on Instagram. One day I noticed a tagline on an employee’s image: “Link in bio for more”. I clicked out of curiosity. Turns out, it was to their OnlyFans, which advertised a lot of “sexy” pictures and videos behind the paywall.

What should I do? Ignore it? Say something? I’ve heard a lot of news about OnlyFans lately. I thought sex content wasn’t allowed on OnlyFans anymore? I don’t think we explicitly have a policy against sex work, but it’s also my job to protect the company’s reputation. I’m feeling really stuck here.


A Very Confused HR Manager

So, what do you do?

Option 1: Do nothing (Our recommended option)

Option 2: Ask them to keep their socials private

Option 3: If options 1 and 2 aren’t possible, be consistent

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