If You’re Passionate About Solving Real Problems with Tech, You Want to Work at Versett

Illustrations by Iris Wong via Versett’s Medium

When traditional problem-solving strategies fail, innovative insurance, telecom, and FinTech companies call Versett. As an innovation and digital transformation consultancy, Versett partners with clients to solve massive problems affecting high-growth organizations. But it’s a bit more than that. The company also looks for passion-fit in their projects, which means they’re willing to take on some of the toughest technological challenges in the world simply because they feel they can make an impact.

As the team continues to grow, they are looking for someone who can step into the ambiguity of hard problems and push through to an awesome solution. If you’re looking for your next tech consulting role and want a dynamic work environment, an intentional culture, and fantastic coworkers, then you want to work for Versett.

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A dynamic work environment

Versett’s work is split into four parts: designing new products, improving existing products, launching a new company from scratch with a client, and product consulting for large firms. Since the team is small but growing (25+ people and counting), new team members get exposure to every kind of work the company does. That not only means a lot of opportunities to work on multi-disciplinary projects but the simple reality that you will never be bored.

Within the different types of work Versett takes on, each practice area has unique and interesting projects. For example, the Versett team helped launch an entirely new InsurTech business with a client. They took part in building everything, from the software behind the product to the marketing and branding campaigns for launch day. Or this other example, when the Versett team helped build early breakage detection systems in underground pipelines. Not only did the team build cool software in collaboration with the client, they are also tackling a serious issue around environmental sustainability and avoiding environmental disasters.

An intentional culture

Because the Versett team takes on a huge range of projects — and none are easy problems to solve — the company invests a ton into its culture to ensure every employee is supported. That starts with onboarding, where HR works to introduce new hires to everyone on the team as soon as possible. From there, the first few weeks are dedicated to learning. New hires get to steep themselves in how Versett works, get a view of previous projects, and learn what they might be staffed on.

Investments in culture don’t stop at onboarding. The team emphasizes learning, especially since the company has to stay ahead of what’s going on in the world. Whenever a client comes to them, it’s with an enormous problem they are having trouble solving. To make sure the Versett team is able to collaborate with them and help find a solution, the company heavily invests in mentorship programs, encourages informal mentorship throughout projects, and sets aside a budget each year specifically for professional development.

Fantastic people to call coworkers

When you’re working on intense projects that require a lot of mental energy, you need to work with great people. Anything less is a one-way ticket to burnout town. And Versett knows this. They are proud of their no asshole policy (though it’s so internalized they don’t publicize it on their careers page). Further, diversity and inclusion is a priority for the company (as is transparency — they release a diversity report annually).

On top of the more administrative side of finding great coworkers, the company does its best to hire genuinely nice people. The kind of people who will reach out if you seemed off in a team meeting, just to check-in. The kind of people who will send a care package if you’re out sick for a few days. Or the kind of people who will celebrate your life accomplishments like having a baby (by the way, it’s not just a celebration: the company offers an inclusive parental leave policy as well).

Solving difficult, technical problems with great people

Versett is the consultancy that businesses go to when traditional methods can’t solve their problem. If you join the team, you’ll join a highly intelligent group of people who regularly partner with clients to solve real, honest, life-changing problems. That means anyone who joins the team has to be ready to challenge their old ways of thinking and be able to think on the fly. But if that sounds like you, then there likely isn’t anywhere else you’d rather be.

Check out available Versett jobs on Bloom’s Job Board

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