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3 min readJun 25, 2021


Image of Anna Bediones, Director of Women’s Strategy at SoleSavy via Complex

If you’re sneaker obsessed, you probably already know about SoleSavy. You might even be a member of their community. But regardless of whether you’re a member, you should know the company is hiring. A lot. On top of a great place to work, you’d be making a tangible impact on an industry that’s ripe for disruption.

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Get on the rocketship before it takes off

SoleSavy just announced a $12.5 million Series A round less than six months after raising a $2 million Seed round. That means the company has $14.5 million in the bank to invest in growth, and you’d be joining at the right time.

Here’s what this recent funding means for you as a candidate:

  • You’ll have lots of new colleagues joining in the coming months.
  • You’ll be able to make a big impact on customers in the early days of the company
  • It’s a signal that investors are confident in the future potential of the company, which could mean even more excitement to come.

Join a passionate and experienced remote team

The SoleSavy team has more than 35 people (and that’s before all the new roles they are hiring). As a fully remote company, you’ll have colleagues in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Vancouver, and Toronto. But what’s even better is the experience your potential new colleagues bring to the table. The team brings experience from amazing brands like the Los Angeles Lakers, JD Sports, and Nike’s Jordan Brand.

We aren’t just talking about people who have an individual passion for sneakers (that’s obvious), but people who deeply understand the business, the community, and the future of sneakers as well.

Work at a company that focuses on customer experience

Everyone needs shoes, but sneakers today are about passion. That passion was built on individuals making connections and engaging with each other, forming a community. But over the last five years, the innovation in sneakers has enabled profit rather than people.

SoleSavy is bringing the industry back to the grassroots level. Its community-first approach to business focuses on helping people bring joy back into their experience with sneakers. When you join the company, you’ll be building this community, and arming them with the knowledge, tools, and connections to keep their passion going. And the next iteration of the company will also include new things — like a peer-to-peer marketplace — where true fans can connect, buy, and sell sneakers in highly engaging and trusted ways.

Experience community-led growth like no other

From the start, SoleSavy grew because of its community. The vast majority of members are very active, and they’re building genuine connections with each other. Now, that community has over 8,000 members and growing.

Working at SoleSavy, you’ll get to see community-led growth from the other side. You’ll work on building tools and engagements between members that help the community thrive even more. And you’ll see the business behind the community, understanding that passion and profit do not need to be separated in order for both to be successful.

Room to grow, ready to explode

SoleSavy has made significant progress as a company, and you’d be joining a team of people who lead with passion and empathy. And the sneaker community is incredibly passion-driven to start with. What you’ll bring to the table is the skills to help the company further its mission of solving the most significant problems plaguing the footwear industry. It’s a long journey, but you’ll always have the knowledge you need to find the right shoes for the walk.

Check out available SoleSavy jobs on Bloom’s Job Board



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