The Most Powerful Recruiting Strategy Isn’t A Perk — It’s Inclusion!

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You’ve probably been there before. You’ve finally arrived at the office with a startup you have been closely following. Before the interview, a proud member of the team takes you on the all too familiar office tour. They show you their new tea bot, the snack room, the fully stocked beer fridge and they take you to the heart of their office — the ping pong table. We often hear about hiring millennials and delivering on the things that they want. Well, here’s the thing. Millennials aren’t the only talented folks out there and even if they were — we are in our 30’s now — ping pong and free beer are great but it won’t pay the bills. So how do you serve up some perks that will make a big impact? Think about perks with purpose.

It’s no secret that even today’s top companies are struggling with attracting the best and brightest to join their teams. With the growing freelance economy, the rise of remote work and people going international for work — attracting awesome talent is hard. Not being able to hire the right folks fast enough is a serious challenge that today’s startup founder face. Some companies do better than others with this.

So, what can we do about it? Is there a tool to help? Well, I get this question often and the answer is; inclusion. Building an inclusive workplace and sharing what makes your company inclusive externally will beat out perks — any damn day.

Personal Growth > Ping Pong

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Flexible Hours

Inclusive Benefits

Accessible Spaces

Floating Holidays

Support Remote Work (after COVID too!)

Diverse representation in leadership

Parental Leave

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All of this is great. But, now what?

One thing to remember: Share what you offer externally

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